Lip Lifts and Lip Implants

Lip Enhancement procedures can add fullness to thin lips, reduce a long upper lip and decrease wrinkles around the mouth to improve the appearance of your lips.  As we age, lips can lose volume like many other areas in the face causing less projection.  The skin of the lip area may lose elasticity and descend over time changing the contour and length of the upper lip area.  The lips can be divided into several different areas that can be addressed with surgical and non-surgical procedures.  The goal of lip enhancement procedures is to enhance the features of the lip that make them beautiful and youthful by adding volume to the lips while maintaining the appropriate contour and balance.

PermaLip Lip Implants 

For patients that desire full lips or reduction of lip lines with a more youthful contour, permanent lip implantation is a great alternative to injectable fillers.  Implants are often ideal for patients who have tried filler injections and are now seeking a more permanent solution.  While the lip implant provides permanent augmentation of the lips, the implant can easily be removed or exchanged for a different size is desired.

If you’re wanting to have more youthful looking lips, but don’t want an implant, you can discuss a lip lift with Dr. Csaba Magassy during your consultation to see what procedure will work best for your desired outcome.

Lip Lift – Best Candidate for Lip Lift 

  • Elongated upper lip skin.
  • Lips that have become shapeless, sagging and inverted.
  • Naturally thin lips that are nearly invisible, imparting an angry expression.
  • Patients with limited red lip show.
  • Limited teeth show with smiling or relaxed expression.