Top 4 Reasons Men Have Rhinoplasty

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Top 4 Reasons why Men are Having Rhinoplasties?

We’ve already talked about men realizing that plastic surgery isn’t just for women.  Knowing that plastic surgery is for everyone and anyone wanting to improve their appearance or help turn back the hands of time, men have opened up their minds to rhinoplasty.  It’s become quite common for men to get a “nose job” or rhinoplasty. So why do most men get rhinoplasties? Here are our top 4 reasons why we’ve been told men want rhinoplasties:

  1. People form first impressions based solely on looks. Physically attractive people are more likely to be seen as dateable, reliable, marketable, worthy of a promotion, etc.   Although some stereotypes say that guys don’t care about their looks, times have changed and guys do in fact want to look good.  Many believe this is a big reason more men are getting rhinoplasties.
  2. Noses don’t particularly age like other parts of the face and body, but men that haven’t “liked” their nose through the younger years, are now in a position financially to be address their concerns. As some males aren’t too fond of the “family” nose, they are now opting to reshape it to make it more proportionate.
  3. Many men have incurred sports injuries and may have broken their nose once or twice. Some men seek a rhinoplasty due to an injury that occurred while playing a sport.
  4. A nose job can fix breathing problems such as a deviated septum. Some guys decide to also make a change to the appearance of their nose while fixing the septum.

Whether a man’s nose has a bump, is too wide or too thin, a man feels their nose is too big or creates a distraction from the rest of his appearance, the reason behind why a guy may get plastic surgery is for he and Dr. Magassy to discuss.  Plastic Surgery Associates, PC private surgical suite is located in McLean, VA, convenient for patients in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

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