Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial TuesdayToday’s Testimonial comes from a patient that recently had a Face Lift performed by Dr. Magassy.  I don’t think we’ve ever had such a fantastic, thorough review as this one.  “Dr. Magassy is an artist !! I am a highly rated Washingtonian magazine hair designer at a top salon for 40 years and I have seen the work of many plastic surgeons and it’s a joke in comparison to what Dr. Magassy accomplishes. Just the detail work around the ear; most surgeons cut straight down in front of your ear.  Dr. Magassy hides the surgical scar inside your ear big difference! I have seen where surgeons do a slight little neck lift and charge the same amount of money that Dr. Magassy charges for a face and neck lift. No wonder the other surgeons’ work looks like you had nothing done two years later, or sometimes as soon as the swelling goes down!!  Dr. Magassy does the best jaw line I’ve ever seen (and neck! No chords sticking out). If you look at models, what makes a striking person is the Jaw line.  Honestly, I have looked for other surgeons because Dr. Magassy does helicopter skiing, equestrian sports and champion jumping.  I worried that he would not be around, so I was always looking.  I have never found anyone that even comes close to what he can do . I just hope he’s around for a while.  He is absolutely the best!!”

If that doesn’t convince you to seek out top-rated Dr. Magassy for a consultation to discuss your cosmetic procedures, I don’t know what will.  Yes, Dr. Magassy does have a passion for living life to the fullest.  Don’t you want a plastic surgeon that will give you the confidence to do the same?  Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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