Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial TuesdayToday’s Testimonial comes from a patient that had Restylane Injections.  “I have the traditionally thin Northern European lip. I started getting collagen and then Restylane. I go to Dr. Maggasy because I love the way I look after. Dr. Magassy is very gentle and caring. He also gives me a dental block, which a lot of facilities will not do for injections. I have recently been looking into PermaLip, which Magassy can do as well.

Dr. Magassy is a skilled technician, but also an artist. Not only that, but he really is very kind. His office is also plush and well-decorated. It does not seem like a sterile doctor’s office.

I definitely recommend Dr. Magassy!”

Thank you to all of our clients that come to Plastic Surgery Associates, PC in McLean, VA  for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  We are also very thankful to our clients that take the time to provide us their testimonials.  Word-of-mouth advertising is always the best form of advertising.

Hope everyone has stayed safe and healthy through this blast of winter weather.  Positive thought for the day:  “We’re one day closer to Spring!”

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