Preparing for Rhinoplasty

Before and after photos of a young man with nose job plastic surThe thought of having rhinoplasty, better known as a nose job, can be exciting, and possibly nerve wracking. The best way to overcome these nerves is by being mentally and physically prepared, and informed in every way possible.

At your initial consultation with top-rated plastic surgeon, Dr. Magassy, he will ask you the results you are hoping to achieve from rhinoplasty. Please be prepared to explain to Dr. Magassy exactly what you want in detail.  You are welcome to bring pictures, BUT you must be aware that he is limited by the external and internal structures of your nose. Although he can improve the appearance of it, he is unable to create a brand new nose. After Dr. Magassy examines your nose, he will explain what can be done to improve and perfect your nose and will be able to tell you if your goals and expectations are realistic.

In addition to being limited to the structures of your nose, it is important to disclose any previous injury, or any type of surgery on your nose, no matter how long ago it was.  Dr. Magassy will also need to know about any breathing difficulties or allergies you may have, as well as full disclosure of your health concerns (smoker, history of heart disease, blood clots, etc).  It is essential that you explain your medical history in detail.

Now, that you and Dr. Magassy are on the same page for your rhinoplasty procedure, here are some tasks you should complete or arrange prior to your surgery.

  • For about three weeks before your scheduled surgery date, it is important that you quit smoking to reduce the risk of complications. It is recommended that you do not continue smoking after your surgery either. Nicotine can horribly inhibit healing.
  • Do anything strenuous that needs to be done before surgery. You’ll want to avoid heavy lifting for at least three weeks post-op.
  • Think about what you will need after the surgery: friend or relative to drive you home, lots of water as hydration is essential, lip balm (Your mouth will get very dry from breathing through it), button up shirts as you don’t want to pull a shirt over your head.
  • Magassy will give you a list of prescriptions which you should fill before your surgery.


Of course, there will be much more detailed information on what you should do and expect prior to your surgery.  As long as you follow doctor’s orders, things should go smooth and surgery should be a breeze!  Contact Dr. Magassy at Plastic Surgery Associates located in McLean, VA to schedule your consultation.  His private surgical suite is conveniently located for patients in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

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