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outsideConsidering a plastic surgery procedure?  If so, considering WHERE to have your procedure is just as important as choosing your surgeon. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your surgical procedure done in an environment that is fully accredited, safe, accommodating, private and convenient?

Plastic Surgery Associates, PC offers a private surgical suite, making it convenient for the patient with plenty of patient parking right outside our front entrance.  Plastic Surgeons that use hospitals to perform their surgical procedures face having to schedule operating rooms around other surgeon’s schedules and priorities.   Parking at a hospital facility can be impossible and costly.  Also, there’s no privacy or special treatment within a hospital setting, you are one of many instead of THE One & Only.  Lastly, it’s typically more expensive to have plastic surgery procedures done within a hospital.

Plastic Surgery Associates On-Site, Fully Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center, located in McLean, VA, continues to meet the highest standards for quality and safety as well as provide cost savings, privacy, and convenience to you.

What does Fully Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center mean?  A facility that is deemed fully accredited is checked by either a state or national association for the following:

  1. Peer review: Surgeons serve as monitors for each other to make sure safety measures and standard of care are followed on a regular basis.
  2. Data tracking: Infections, complications, sterilization checks, and other data are monitored and measured for patient safety.
  3. Fire, Earthquake, and other safety protocols are reviewed.
  4. Drug tracking, expiration checks, and emergency medication supplies are kept up to date.
  5. Standards are set so that deep levels of anesthesia are performed by an anesthesia professional (anesthesiologist or a CRNA) and all staffing positions are filled with certified or licensed individuals appropriate for the job.
  6. Medical records are checked to make sure they’re complete and up-to-date.
  7. Protocols are checked with every three-year-review.
  8. Patient care and treatment are reviewed.
  9. A patient’s rights and responsibilities are prominently displayed.

There are many office surgical facilities unaccredited, functioning without inspections or peer review. Why would a surgeon operate in a facility that isn’t accredited?

One big reason: Patient safety is extremely expensive. It’s much cheaper to run an unaccredited facility. Don’t be fooled by doctors promoting the safety of surgery done under local anesthesia. They may be masking an unaccredited facility and the inability to offer general anesthesia.

So, if you’re considering a cosmetic surgical procedure, make sure you take into account not just the surgeon, also where your surgery will be performed.  Top-rated plastic surgeon, Dr. Magassy is proud to offer his patients a private, fully accredited surgery center located in McLean, VA.  Conveniently located for patients from Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

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