Meet One of Our Anesthesia Providers for Plastic Surgery Procedures

If you are reading this, you may be considering a plastic surgery procedure with Dr. Magassy.  One important part of surgery to consider is the anesthesia provider.  B. Todd Hughes, CRNA DNAP, is one of the anesthesia providers at Plastic Surgery Associates, PC.  We interviewed Todd to describe what he likes about his job and working with Dr. Magassy and Plastic Surgery Associates, PC in McLean, VA.


What do you like most about your job? I like the incredible amount of autonomy along with all the knowledge that is required to be an effective anesthesia provider. No matter how long I have been doing this, I am always learning something new either through my patient care or continuing education.

Do you have a favorite surgery to assist Dr. Magassy?  I actually don’t have a favorite surgery per se.  I really enjoy all the variety of cases that Dr. Magassy performs at his private surgical center.  It isn’t just liposuction or just breast augmentations.  He can pretty much do anything that any cosmetic surgeon does (but much better with his vast experience) in any hospital.  However, he is able to do it in his private surgical suite – allowing the patient to have a very personable experience from his staff and not feel like a number in a large hospital or surgical center.

When you say private surgical suite or center, how is it beneficial to the patient in having plastic surgery in a suite versus in a hospital? There is a significant difference in doing anesthesia between a private surgical center and a hospital.  At a private surgical center, the patient we are taking care of is the one and only patient we are caring for.  Everyone in the facility is focused just on that patient, before, during and after surgery.  The amount of personable attention between a private surgical center and a hospital is not even comparable.

What do you feel differentiates you between other practices?  From an observer’s aspect at the head of the bed that has worked with several different plastic surgeons, I have a unique perspective. Dr. Magassy is exceptionally meticulous. He does not rush any aspect of any surgery and has an incredible attention to detail. He is far from the most expensive as compared to other plastic surgeons while at the same time, he is not the cheapest.  And yet, the quality difference between him and some of the other cheaper priced surgeons is not even in the same ball park.  So I would say that when you are evaluating cosmetic surgeons on cost and quality, Dr. Magassy is one of the best choices.  This is certainly evident by the significant number of repeat patients and word of mouth referrals.  (In addition, his anesthesia providers ROCK!)

What is it that makes you two a good surgical team?  Dr. Magassy is very business oriented while at the same time very patient oriented.  He runs a very professional practice and yet always takes the time to educate his patients with an exceptional bedside manner.  He’s also never afraid to tell a patient that they don’t necessarily need a procedure.  Meaning, just because he CAN do a plastic surgery procedure, if it is not in the patient’s best interest, he will advise why he doesn’t believe it’s the right way to proceed.  He never does procedures just to make money if he knows the patient will not be happy with the results; even if the patient is very adamant about it initially and THINK they will be happy with it.

I am very proud to be part of Dr. Magassy’s team and look forward to assisting him in many future plastic surgery procedures to come.

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