Male Plastic Surgery

Women account for 90% of all plastic surgery patients, but men are stepping up their demand, too. Plastic surgery procedures have adapted to allow women to achieve more feminine, and men more masculine, results. The Mommy Makeover has become well known, but what about Dads?  What procedures are men seeking and how do they vary from women’s procedures?

Botox   Men often request Botox or Dysport treatments to reduce frown lines. These are the lines that form between our brows when we frown, concentrate or squint. No matter the reason, these lines make men look angry and less approachable. The treatment of these rhytids (wrinkles) involves an injection into the paired corrugator supercilii muscles and the procures muscle, to relax the central brow, and mute the ability to frown.

Filling Wrinkles  Dermal Fillers are most used to soften the lines that run from the nose to the lips, the naso-labial folds. Deeper naso-labial folds may be more masculine, but softening them can often give a more relaxed and rested appearance. Fillers are also used to augment the face. Stronger cheeks, chins and noses, all more masculine features, can be created with the use of dermal fillers.

Surgical Cosmetic Procedures  All plastic surgery procedures share similarities; however, Male Plastic Surgery procedures are often modified to avoid feminizing the face and body. Common procedures that may require variations are Face Lifts, Eyelid Lifts, Brow Lifts, Nasal Surgery, Breast Reduction, Liposuction and even Tummy Tucks.

For the face, men tend to have lower brows, heavier upper eyelids, stronger chins and larger noses. These normal differences in male anatomy, and the difference in male hair patterns, need to be considered in all Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures.

The male body is less curvy.  In general, the masculine chest is a reversed pyramid, and below this it’s fairly straight down to the thighs. The male chest is wider, the breasts are smaller and even the nipples and areolae are in different positions with different shapes. The details are sometimes subtle, but always worth noting. For Male Body Shaping, the procedures are modified to better suit the ideal male shape.

If your father, husband or brother is considering any type of cosmetic procedure, have him call top-rated Dr. Magassy to schedule his consultation.  Plastic Surgery Associates is conveniently located in McLean, VA for patients in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

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