How Can Rhinoplasty Improve Your Daily Life?

Before and after photos of a young man with nose job plastic surAre you absolutely exhausted by not being able to sleep properly? You may want to look into reshaping your nose by with a Rhinoplasty surgical procedure. Regardless of the aesthetical reason for getting a Rhinoplasty, some clients need to have this procedure for the sole purpose of solving their breathing problems.

If you’re a major snorer or have trouble breathing throughout the day, a cautious assessment of the nasal structure to improve airflow and breathing is first and paramount when considering a Rhinoplasty procedure.  Correction of a deviated septum, which happens to be one of the most common causes of breathing deficiency, is attained by amending the nasal structure to create better alignment. Speaking of alignment, top-rated and board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Magassy will improve deviated septums, but will also aim to create facial balance and correct proportion.

The difference between functional and cosmetic surgery is sometimes distorted because a good nasal surgery should always improve both the appearance of the individual and the person’s breathing.  Some clients seek improvements in airway function and a common complaint is that they have trouble sleeping. If you feel like you’re having trouble sleeping and if you feel that your inhalation becomes unbearably strained when under strenuous activity, then rhinoplasty is the perfect option for you!

Individuals who have had rhinoplasty feel that they live more comfortably with their facial features and are able to breathe much better. The results from this surgery are believed to make patients feel like they’ve regained the confidence they so desire and it has also allowed them to shamelessly present themselves in social situations where they would otherwise feel ashamed of their pre-operated nose or perhaps feel discomfort because of the wheezing sound made by strained breathing.

If you’re considering rhinoplasty to help aesthetics, breathing or a combination of both, call Plastic Surgery Associates in McLean, VA.  Dr. Magassy’s private surgical suite is conveniently located for patients in Washington DC, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and Prince William counties.  Call to schedule your consultation today.   We look forward to welcoming you to Plastic Surgery Associates family.

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