Face Lift vs. Neck Lift: What’s the Difference?

Face lifts and neck lifts are two of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures for dramatically reducing the visual appearance of aging. How do you know if you need a face lift or a neck lift?


There are some similarities between a facelift and neck lift procedure. They accomplish similar results as both procedures result in significant improvements to sagging skin and weakened muscles around the face and neck; therefore reducing of the signs of aging. In addition to results, both procedures share similar degrees of invasiveness and recovery periods and have the ability to produce long-lasting results.  This is especially true if patients follow all aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Magassy and staff of Plastic Surgery Associates, PC, and lead a healthy lifestyle post-procedure.


Facelift: While there are a variety of facial cosmetic surgical procedures, a facelift procedure is basically the pulling up the skin at the cheeks towards the forehead to improve the cheeks, lower face (marionette lines), jowls and jawline; reducing wrinkles and eliminating sagging skin. Incisions are made primarily in front of the ear.

Neck Lift:  To get rid of an aging neck or the “turkey neck” – a neck lift will have incisions placed behind the ears and below the chin (to hide them effectively) and excess skin under the chin, jawline and jowls is pulled to tighten and smooth the skin around the neck.


Depending on specific issues and desired results, sometimes determining which procedure is a better fit can be difficult for a patient without expert input. Here is an interesting at-home technique:

To mimic a facelift: put your fingers at the top of your cheekbones and push your skin upward and back.

To mimic a neck lift: place your forefingers below the jawline, outside your jaw and push upward and back.

The best way to determine which procedure is right for you is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Magassy located in McLean, VA.  He will thoroughly discuss your desired outcome and provide you the best solution whether it’s with surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  All procedures are performed in Dr. Magassy’s private surgical suite, conveniently located for patients in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

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