Does a Breast Lift Without Implants Achieve Good Results?

Breast Augmentation | Breast Implants | VirginiaFor many women seeking to enhance the appearance of their breasts via breast lift surgery, deciding whether or not to also receive implants can be a tough choice to make. A breast lift without implants works well in patients who are satisfied with their breast size but not satisfied with sagging and excessive overhang of their breasts and a low nipple position.

A breast lift will reshape the breast, raising the nipple to a better position and reducing the overhang of the breast.  The breast will not be smaller than it was before, just higher.  There will be better fullness of the breast behind the nipple as the tissue is pushed upward and held in a tighter “skin envelope”.  Undergoing breast lift surgery without the placement of implants will typically leave patients with a little less upper pole fullness in the breasts, but the results often look a bit more natural.

However, there is no way of creating more fullness in the upper pole of the breast without using an implant.  And since the scars of a breast lift are in the lower breast and hidden beneath a bathing suit, a lift will not tighten the loose skin of the upper breast; only restoring volume with an implant will fill out a truly deflated breast.

To have implants or not?  If a patient is undecided on what to do, Dr. Magassy will recommend receiving a breast lift without implants.  Why?  Implants can usually be placed easily at a later date, giving the patient time to be absolutely certain about whether or not they want breast implants in addition to their lift.  It’s extremely important to discuss your overall aesthetic goals with Dr. Magassy during your consultation to determine the most effective surgery plan for you.

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