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Beautiful female belly. Pretty woman cares for the stomach. Healthcare digestion intestinal health. Wellness. Body partDr. Magassy has plenty of patients that have provided testimonials, which have been highlighted on Testimonial Tuesday.  I wanted to provide a thorough review of my initial thoughts, reaction and feelings to BodyTite.  BodyTite and FaceTite are new procedures exclusively offered by Dr. Magassy at Plastic Surgery Associates, PC.  The claim to BodyTite and FaceTite is that it removes unwanted fat (is there any other type of fat besides unwanted?) and tightens the skin within one procedure with minimal downtime and scarring.  I would like to say that these claims are 100% true!

Let me give you a little background on myself.  I am 45 years old and have had 2 children via C-section 14 and 12 years ago.  I love to work out and frequently go to Crossfit to balance my want to be fit and my love of food and wine.  I have run ultra-marathons, completed 2 half Ironman races, and have participated in other races, obstacle races and events.  I’ve always been fit and have stayed active, but since kids, I have had a “spare tire,” the mommy pooch that wraps around the hip area to resemble a spare tire and a belly that never seemed to slim down.

Having done research on tummy tucks, I knew that I personally would NOT want that extensive of a procedure, that required so much downtime.  I have 3 teenagers to keep up with, plus a job and my own activities.  In talking with Dr. Magassy, we both felt that BodyTite would be the best option for me.  He was very thorough in explaining how BodyTite works, what to expect and assured me that I would love the results.  As I have absolutely no medical background, I won’t even begin to explain how this technology works, but you can watch the video at:

I scheduled the procedure for Friday, June 2nd.  Ann and Jeane were so kind and welcoming which eased any anxiety I was having.  Dr. Magassy and Todd (anesthesia) both welcomed me and were available to answer any questions I had.  Walking into the surgical suite, I knew that I was in good hands and was excited to “get the show on the road.”  Minutes later I was out and hours later woke up to a flattened tummy and comforting words from Dr. Magassy that everything went well and will be very happy with the BodyTite results.

I was sent home (stayed with my brother and his family as they live close to Dr. Magassy’s office) with directions to drink plenty of water and relax that evening.  My whole mid-section was taped with a binder wrapped around my stomach.  If needed, pain management prescriptions were ready and available.  That evening I spent a lot of time using the bathroom from drinking so much water and the fluids that are given during the procedure.  Never once in getting up to use the restroom did I feel any pain.  There was a lot of discomfort from the swelling, but no pain.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep that evening from having to get up so much to use the bathroom.

The next morning, still felt discomfort from the swelling, but no pain.  I rode with my sister-in-law and niece to the farmer’s market and walked around for about ½ hour.   Had breakfast and went back to my brother’s house to relax.   That afternoon, I briefly went to another event and then drove back to my house (about an hour away).  I was so impressed that I was able to do this the day following my procedure with little to no pain, just discomfort.

The next week proved to be a lot of the same feeling.  After a couple of days, I was very much looking forward to taking my first shower.  The feeling of taking off the binder was really weird from the numbness.  I ended up taking a few half doses of pain medicine within next few days because the weird feeling from my mid-section being numb and swollen was a little more than I cared to deal with and wanted to take “the edge” off.   But once again, there was no pain.

My follow-up exam at 1 week proved to be very good.  Dr. Magassy took off the tape and removed sutures for the few small incisions he made.  It was weird to see immediate results of a flattened tummy, even though there was swelling.  I was so excited at the results knowing that it’s going to keep getting better and better.

I am writing this 3 weeks post procedure and have resumed working out; only doing what feels comfortable and not pushing myself. I am still wearing the fabric binder every day for the majority of the day/evening.  I have felt good and have been able to maintain my schedule with can you guess?  You got it; no pain, just discomfort!  I am thrilled with the results as I no longer have the “spare tire” or the “mommy pooch.”  My stomach is much flatter, but still swollen and bumpy.  I know it will keep getting better and better.  My friends have commented on being able to see such a drastic difference, especially at the pool and wearing a bathing suit.

I will highly recommend BodyTite, Dr. Magassy and his staff to all of my family and friends.  I am thoroughly impressed with the procedure and am so thankful to everyone at Plastic Surgery Associates, PC in McLean, VA for giving me back my body and self-confidence.



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