Aging Gracefully

When people talk about getting older, it’s not uncommon for them to use the term “aging gracefully.”  How does a woman grapple with the concept of aging gracefully when we get so many mixed messages about what it means to grow older?

Are you speaking in code?  “Aging gracefully” is often used as a euphemism.  People may use the phrase to mean, “Looking old, but embracing it” or “Showing signs of aging, but still powering forward with life.”  In this way, the term feels almost negative or backhanded – it’s the phrase we use to describe someone who isn’t looking as good as they once did.  But is that the only interpretation we can affix to this term?  Perhaps aging gracefully doesn’t necessarily have to refer to age or appearance, but rather the attitude people have as they go through the various stages of life.

The best of both worlds – “Aging gracefully” has also been a phrase to describe women who choose to grow older without undergoing any aesthetic procedures to help them maintain their looks.  This perspective, however, feels a bit outdated.  There was a time when plastic surgery was a taboo subject.  But, today, it’s gained wide acceptance because people have realized that there are benefits to cosmetic procedures.  They can help you not only look younger, but also feel more confident.

Aging gracefully doesn’t mean you have to wear your wrinkles with pride – instead, you need to do whatever is necessary to stride into your older years with confidence.  For some people, this may mean simply embracing the natural signs of aging without visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon along the way.  For others, it means taking steps to make your outside appearance match the way you feel on the inside.  If you feel energetic and youthful internally, then there’s no shame in getting a Facelift, Tummy Tuck or Breast Lift to keep your body at the same level.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal needs and desires.  If you are confident about getting plastic surgery, then electing to go under the knife is the most graceful choice you can make.  Call our office to schedule your “aging gracefully” consultation.

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