2016 Plastic Surgery Trends Due to Selfies?

Social Media Background Concept with Speech Bubbles

Social Media Background Concept with Speech Bubbles

Unless you NEVER go online (in that case, this blog is pointless) or you live in an extremely remote part of the country; you are well aware that millions of selfies are clicked every day and more than likely posted onto social media.  Smart phones have made it too easy to snap pictures of ourselves and friends.   With so many pictures being taken, it’s very easy to find areas on our face and body that we wish we could change.

Kylie Jenner (daughter of Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner and sister to the Kardashians, all whom post daily selfies) routinely gets lip fillers. She states that, “My lips are my biggest insecurity and I’m so happy with my results now.”  Millennials will increasingly become users of plastic surgery. The 20-somethings represent approximately 20% of the cosmetic surgery population, and this is only going to increase, (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).  Kylie Jenner’s plumped-up lips are among the looks plastic surgeons expect will keep gaining in popularity in 2016.

Another trend, thanks to the Kardashians, is having fuller, round buttocks.  Trends are showing that women are looking to enhance their buttocks rather than go for larger breasts.  How do you get a fuller backside?  The Brazilian Butt Lift takes fat from one part of your body and injects it into the buttocks.  Fat transfer is a safe, natural, non-allergenic procedure designed to re-contour.  The advantages of the Brazilian Butt Lift are natural looking results, long-term enhancement, quick recovery period and no scarring.   Fat is abundant, is easily molded, has a natural feel and look, can be permanent and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Are the Kardashians’ thousands of selfies solely responsible for smaller breast enhancements and larger buttock enhancements?  No.  Another well-photographed celebrity, Kate Hudson has the look many women want, plastic surgeons say. Women admire Hudson’s fit, well-muscled body.  A survey that was posted on RealSelf stated that “comparing clients from last year to this year, twice as many doctors said their customers were now more likely to seek a smaller breast enhancement than in years past.”

Doesn’t matter which celebrity you find attractive; Social media, FaceTime and Skype will continue to fuel the desire to have plastic surgery as people of all ages are increasingly having a more visible presence due to real time conversations, selfies and having a larger photographic presence on various social media outlets.

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